Reporting traffic concerns

Area of Concern

Contact Details

  •  Dangerous Driving
  •  Drink Driving
  •  Drug Driving
  •  Disqualified Driving (or dial 101) for attention of Operation Dragoon

  • Road Rage
  • Damage to vehicle (Fail to Stop Collisions)
  • Theft from parked vehicle
  • A parked vehicle is causing obstruction issues to the flow of moving traffic or pedestrians, on the road, or on the pavement (or dial 101) for attention of Response Officers

  • A parked vehicle is causing obstruction issues to your property (for example, if a vehicle is parked directly across a dropped-kerb leading to your private driveway) or causing an obstruction of dropped kerbs at crossing points in the street 
  • Vehicles are parked illegally in an area of restricted parking

  •  All Other Parking issues
  •  Abandoned Vehicles

Poole Borough Council



  • Vehicle you suspect has no Road Tax

  • Speeding Complaint
  • Careless or Inconsiderate Driving
  • Driving Through Red Lights
  • Driving Through One Way System or other Signage  
  • Violation (No Right turn etc)
  • Use of Mobile Phone or other item causing Distracted/Not in Proper Control Driving
  • Not Wearing Seatbelt


Your report will be reviewed and placed on a rota for investigation/deployment dependent on the nature of the report and resource available

  • No Insurance
  • No MOT

 If you wish to submit video and photographic evidence in relation to witnessed driving offences please go to: 


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