Digital Cameras

Chideock Redflex Camera
Chideock Redflex Camera

Redflex Digital Speed Camera Specs


    • Speed
    • Radarcam
    • NK7
    • Non-invasive speed detection
    • Dual radar detection
    • Tracking radar technology
    • Receding only (driving away) but capability for both directions
    • No requirement for secondary road markings (white lines)
    • Up to 4 lanes
  • High resolution 10Mp camera
  • Flash is mounted separately on the camera pole
  • Data Transfer over 4g network, but does have 5g capability


Additional Data as per Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests:

It is not an Average Speed Camera but detects and digitally transmits traffic speed violations

The camera range is similar to the previous GATSO camera

The system does not perform on site ANPR

There will be 30 digital sites with 20 speed detection cameras rotated through those sites

Sites are the same sites as used by the GATSO cameras

Upgrade of a wet film camera to digital costs circa £20,000

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