Enforcement & Operations

Received a Notice of Intended Prosecution
Find out how to complete a Notice of Intended Prosecution or opt for our Driver Awareness Scheme, if eligible.
No Excuse
Find out more about the enforcement activity conducted by the No Excuse team. The team are in operation 24/7, and could be anywhere at any time
No Excuse Operations
No Excuse officers are involved in various operations e.g. Op Dragoon, Mobile phones, Tractors, Cyclists, Op Wheels & Op Allied Wolf..
Camera Locations
See the camera locations for the coming week and submit requests for enforcement in your area.
Community Speed Watch
Community Speed Watch Groups are signed up from all over Dorset to help keep their villages safe from speeding motorists.
Reporting road incidents
Please email the address according to your concern.
Contact Dorset Police about a ticket
Information on how to contact Dorset Police about a Traffic Offence Report or notice of intended prosecution.
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