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Hello and welcome to BikeSafe

BikeSafe allows the private rider to have their riding assessed by a Police Advanced Motorcyclist, you will then be debriefed, and any serious weaknesses highlighted and the relevant training given. We will also give you an insight into advanced motorcycling and hopefully make you a safer rider. This can start with BikeSafe and you can go on and complete further advanced rider training with groups such as the IAM and RoSPA.

Now take the plunge, it's only a few hours but it could last you a lifetime.

All courses are held locally in Bournemouth or Weymouth and what better way to spend a day. Courses involve some classroom input and then we get you out on the open road. 

You can book yourself a place on a course here - just click on the Book Now link, enter your postcode and you will see the available dates for courses in Dorset.  

I look forward to meeting you soon on one of our courses.

Safe riding.

Simon Hatch PC 2773
BikeSafe Dorset Co-ordinator




DocBike is a registered charity putting a highly trained trauma doctor or critical care paramedic on two wheels. Working alongside local emergency services across the UK, we provide life-saving critical care whilst helping to prevent crashes from happening in the first place.

What Do We Do?
We give bikers the ability to avoid being in a crash by sharing our research, evidence, tips and tricks, from the most highly trained motorcycling professionals available in the UK.

Taught only by emergency services professionals, we teach bikers how to keep an injured motorcyclist alive until the emergency services get there, through free BikerDown courses.

Our team of highly trained trauma doctors and critical care paramedics, provide roadside critical care to fallen bikers when they need us the most.

For more information about DocBike and how you can get involved, visit:


PC Simon Hatch
PC Simon Hatch
DocBike Charity
DocBike Charity
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